About People


Treat everyone fairly, equitably and with dignity by respecting each other’s opinions, property and perspectives.

Create a trusted company environment that offers a voice to everyone, and within which all opinions are valued.

Inject a positive spirit to fuel our success, and that fosters both individual and collective opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Uphold integrity across all that we do – with each other, with our customers, and with all related company partners.

About Product


Develop unique products of distinction defined by their innovation, attention to detail, and uncompromising quality.

Deliver a strong and compelling value proposition within each of our brands (quality + price = value).

Create a wide range of products, each of which embodies a “good for the body” and “good to the planet” ideal, while enhancing the lives and perspectives of all those who wear them.


Embrace a mindset of innovation, and a work ethic which is underscored by a ”whatever-it-takes” attitude toward getting the job done.

Through a genuine service orientation to both caring and listening, create ”win-win” scenarios for both our company and our partners.

Care about our community and our environment.